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Poster Duncan anni 60: Gus Somera

Un poster che risale agli anni sessanta che pubblicizza le demo di Gus Somera durante un evento Duncan

Valore 44$

This is a great peice of yo-yo history. These poster were used for promotional events the Duncan yo-yo’s put on. This one was from an event that Gus Somera perfomed at. Somera is in the American Yo-Y0 Associations Hall of Fame. He did demonsrations all over the country for Duncan. From what I have read he was a legendary yo-yo demonstrator. The poster has two pictures of him. One on the front and back. It is a double sided poster with the print being the same on both sides. It measures 40″x32″.

rif. 330400755025

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Dif-e-Yo – Blind Orbiter

Uno yoyo veramente particolare

la descrizione di Yoyoguy:

Differently shaped from most of Dif-e-Yo’s line, the Orbiter has a comfy-feeling rounded UFO-like profile. The smooth rounded shape is designed to conform to the hand, and the polished aluminum body ensures that it spins long and smooth. It comes with a customizable weight system that utilizes four O-rings to allow more options; fully loaded, the Orbiter goes from 58.5 grams to 71 grams. It comes with the KonKave bearing system, and comes shipped in a retail package that includes a spare set of Dif-e-Yo stickers.

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