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Uno yoyo con una presentazione particolarmente elegante. L’ho visto descritto come “Made in Italy”, ma non sono riuscito ad avere conferme. in tal senso.
Ho anche qualche dubbio che sia “silver”, cioe’ argento.

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Il campione Bob Rule per la Peanuts YO-YO

Una pubblicità per la Peanuts di Bob Rule. Sul retro alcuni tricks

Circa 1968 8×10 glossy, I think printed signature. Shows Bob with a Snoopy & Peanuts display bin of yo-yo’s in bubble packaging. On the reverse are trick instructions. I’m guessing Bob made promotional sales in-store appearances, and gave these out at the time. Good condition; has several small pin-holes, mostly near the top; and some pencil check-marks on the back.

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Poster Duncan anni 60: Gus Somera

Un poster che risale agli anni sessanta che pubblicizza le demo di Gus Somera durante un evento Duncan

Valore 44$

This is a great peice of yo-yo history. These poster were used for promotional events the Duncan yo-yo’s put on. This one was from an event that Gus Somera perfomed at. Somera is in the American Yo-Y0 Associations Hall of Fame. He did demonsrations all over the country for Duncan. From what I have read he was a legendary yo-yo demonstrator. The poster has two pictures of him. One on the front and back. It is a double sided poster with the print being the same on both sides. It measures 40″x32″.

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